The Saltwater Shift
May 13, 2024
Industry Trends
The Saltwater Shift

Saltwater pools are gaining momentum in 2024 as more homeowners seek alternatives to traditional chlorinated pools. These systems use saltwater chlorinators to convert salt into chlorine gently, maintaining clean and safe water without the harshness of added chemicals. This results in a smoother, more silk-like feel of the water, which is less irritating to the skin and eyes.Additionally, saltwater pools are easier to maintain, as the natural chlorination process reduces the need for frequent chemical adjustments. This not only makes the pool more sustainable but also cuts down on maintenance time and costs. Furthermore, these systems are less prone to causing corrosion compared to traditional pools, ensuring a longer lifespan for pool equipment and structures.Saltwater pools are not just a trend but a shift towards healthier and more eco-friendly pool solutions. They offer a significant improvement in user comfort and overall sustainability, making them a popular choice among new pool owners and those considering pool renovations.

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